supply-chain management with majesty ERP

Dynamization of the production through closely interconnected supply chain.
Read our success story with our business software Majesty ERP.


Starting situation:
The predecessor system was no longer able to fulfil the requirements of Moser Mechanik any more. Therefore in 2007 the company decided to invest in the industry solution MAJESTY ERP.


A big customer presented a new challenge in 2009: the integration of the suppliers in its forecast-system. The aim was to electronically restructure the production processes between the customer and the manufacturer and to handle better and more flexible the quantitative and scheduling changes.


Today Moser Mechanik weekly gets a file from the customer. With this file all production jobs that are not yet carried out are adapted automatically in quantity and schedulewise.


The production planner gets a view on all change requests from the customer in the graphical control station. So he is able to timely dispatch and update the relevant production orders based on the capacities. In addition changes of the drawing index are considered, too. The two-way information flow about actual and future production orders therefore becomes transparent.


Project implementation:
The sub-project has been completed within 4 months.
The responsible developer, Dr. Wolfgang Roith, says : « Extensive verifications during the import of the data avoid incorrect deliveries and in combination with the graphical control station the delivery reliability increases. ».


Adaptable Standard System:
Thanks to the quantity of available parameters and modules Moser Mechanik uses the industry system over the whole value-added chain, beginning with the advance calculation, the offer, the order, over the production up to the delivery and post-order calculation. Updates are implemented by Moser Mechanik themselves. Also the reports are designed largely autonomous.


„The possibility to expand Majesty based on specific requirements permitted to remain in the economical drastically changed environment with new conditions and demands and helped a lot to maintain our customer orientation at a high level. » says Konrad Moser.