precision stop

Brilliancy through simplicity.


This universal collet stop system for F-collets brings you time saving and stop security and fulfills the wishes of the practicability in all its points. The precise setting up and lock technique guarantees the compliance of the desired stop measures. Thus waste turning parts in this area are elmininated.


In term of convenience and handling moser precision stop offers the optimum, too. With only one hex-wrench all flexible parts are fixed absolutely safe over three screws.


The collet stop is fixed unremovable without distorting the collets.
In only a few minutes the collet stop system can be adapted for any possible turning part.


You get the system as a universal set in a practical wood box with all correct stop pins that can be used for every collet diameter.


The collet body including the shaft consists of material INOX 1.4305 and 1.4034 and is partly hardened.


The stop disks and pins are nitrided and possess a permanent oxidation protection.


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